Specjalized Tools For Motorcycles

  • A-MK354

    RIM PROTECTION TOOL Ideal tools to protect your wheel and avoid damaging the rim surface while changing tires or repairing tubes. Cords to keep the Rim Protection Tools from getting lost inside your tire are included for easy use.

  • A-MK353

    BLIND BEARING AND BUSHING REMOVAL SET   Set provides slide-hammer, crossbar type shaft and 30, 25, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 8mm collets. Crossbar type shaft allows the collet is easy of removal.

  • A-MK344

    CHAIN ALIGNMENT TOOL Designed to simplify alignment of the counter shaft and rear sprockets during chain adjustment or wheel installation. Allows the alignment quick and accurate. Clamps the square body to rear sprocket so the alignment rod will indicate sprocket alignment to chain.

  • A-MK340

    PISTON PIN TOOL   An essential tool for removing and installing piston pins. It will not damage piston during operation. Tool includes knurled aluminum handle, 9/16 hex lead screw and three left-handed adapter nuts. Applications: Piston sizes: 40mm (1-5/8”) to 100mm (4”)Piston pin sizes: 12mm (1/2”) to 25mm (1”) Including all single-cylinder engines from 50cc […]

  • A-MK339

    30/32 MM STEERING/FORK CAP WRENCH It allows access with handlebar in place and 12-point design for easier tool placement. 30-32mm wrench sizes.

  • A-MK337

    MASTER LINK PLIERS   Insert the jaws into the master link and squeeze the handles until link is separated.

  • A-MK332A

    LARGE MULTI-VALVE TOOL   These tools are purpose to save time necessary when replacing valves in modern 16 – to 20 – valve heads. Large tool works on valves of 4-valve-per-cylinder heads (5.5 mm valve stem diameter or larger with under 40 lbs. seat pressure) Small tool works on valves of 4-and 5-valve-per-cylinder heads (5mm […]

  • A-MK325A

    HEAVY DUTY SPRING HOOK Ideal tool to remove exhaust pipe springs. It also can be used for cotter pins, seat or tank holding springs, side-stand springs, and other troublesome springs. Handle w/vinyl.

  • A-MK320

    BELT TENSION GAUGE This tool can be used to adjust belt tension on most motorcycles equipped with a secondary drive belt. This tool provides a simple way to confirm the belt for proper tension.

  • A-MK307

    MOTORCYCLE TURN HANDLE  BEARING EXTRACTOR This high-quality tool is designed for shop or home mechanic. Made from alloy steelThe most convenient way for removing bearing. We could have got it done quicker.Optional removers are available for use on most models. The tool contains 3 removers R51 (assembled), R48 and R44..