Renault, Nissan

  • A-FB2717-1

    Adjustment-Tool Renault 1,6 16V Designed for the correct alignment on the engine pulleys when replacing the cam belts on the 1.6 16v petrol engine. Firs for: Clio ll/lll Kangoo, Laguna, Modus, Megane II, Scenic, Grand Scenic (K4M 2001-2010)

  • A-FB2721

    Locking Tool Set Renault, Nissan, Opel (Dci) Engine Type: K9K, K9Q, G9U. Engines: 1.5; 1.9; 2.2; 2.5; DI/DTI/CDTI.   MODELS:   Renault: Clio II (01-06), Clio III (05-08), Megane (99-03),Megane II (02-08), Scenic (99-03), Scenic II (02-08), Laguna (99-01), Laugna II (04-07), Espace, Kangoo, Traffic, Master (00-06), Modus (04-08). – Opel: Movano 1.9 Cdti, 2.2 […]

  • A-FB2717

    Locking Tool Set Renault 1.4 / 1.6 -16V   Timing on Renault K4J, K4M& F4P, F4R – Clio, Laguna, Megane 1.4/1.6 16v Camshaft pulley setting adapter holds the two pulleys in place to change the timing belt.  Set comes with: Crankshaft locking pin , 8mm TDC timing pin , Camshaft setting adpater and Camshaft pulley […]

  • A-62382

    Timing Tool Kit – Renault, Nissan, Opel   A set of tools to black crankshaft or positioning. Is required to change the timeing chain and other engine repairs.   APPLICATION: 2.0 dCi, CDTI; Nissan Primastar (09/08) / Qashqai (09/08) / X-Trail (07-08), Renault Laguna (05-08) / Me-gane(07-08), / Scenic (09/08) / Traffic (07-08) Vel Satis […]

  • A-8027

    Locking Tool Set Renault (DCi) Models: Renault: Espace, Master. Engines: 2.2, 2.5 Dci. Engines Types: G9U

  • A-8025

    Locking Tool Set Renault, Volvo, Opel Set timing and tensioning and alignment of the crankshaft to the desired position. It also includes tools for the injection pump. It is used in most petrol and diesel engines.