Oil system

  • A-FT32F

    1/2 DR. DIESEL FILTER  SUCKET Special design to remove and install the fuel filter on Ford Ecoblue 2.2l TDCi engines from 2016

  • A-12DF22

    1/2” Dr. DIESEL FILTER  WRENCH FORD TRANSIT 2.2l TDCI  ENGINE       Special  design to remove and install  fuel filter on  Ford Transit 2.2l TDCi engine

  • S-OFS30

    30 PCS OIL  FILTERS  SOCKET  SET   Universal set of oil filter wrenches for cars: Mazda, Toyota, GM, Lexus, Isuzu, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Volvo, Porshe, Renault, Ford, Honda, Audi, VW Size: •  6 angles: 66mm •  8 angles: 76mm • 10 executioners: 92mm • 12 angles: 76mm • 14 angles: 66; 65-67; 68; 73; 76mm • […]

  • A-2MPS

    0.2L MULTIPURPOSE OIL SYRINGE The transparent container enables fluid visualization. A measuring cup for measuring out a given amount of liquid. The syringe is resistant to corrosive liquids. Capacity container: 200ml      Application: –  Engine oil –  Gear oil –  ATF –  Brake fluid –  Coolant –  Differential gear oil  – Power steering fluid

  • A-GC15

    QUICK RELEASE COUPLER     1.The lever design makes it easy to connect and disconnect the head. 2.Available in 1/8 “PT; 1/8” NPT. 3.4 elastic jaws made of hard-ened steel adapted for high pressures. 4.Working pressure 10,000 PSI / 690Bar . 5.Maximum burst pressure: 15,000 PSI / 1034Bar. 6.Application for manual, battery or pneumatically operated […]

  • S-817S

    PORT  SIZE 1/2”     Regulator for oil Max. pressure 10bar Dewaterer with blow-off valve: 80ml Oil reservoir: 150ml Max. temperature: 60˚ Air filter Pressure regulator   Model  Gewinde Filter µ  Max air con. S-817S 1/2” 5 4000

  • TIT-020

    OIL  PRESSURE  CHECK  KIT    For testing engine oil pressure at the oil filter on most passenger cars and light truck. Adaptors are included for both domestic and imported engines. •  Gauge range 0-100 psi.

  • TIT-090

    CYLINDER  LEAK  DETECTOR  AND  CRANK  STOPPER    • Kit allows easy identification of compression problems.  • Detector measures exact leakage amount and locates leaks area.  • Measuring range: 1 – 7 Bar (0-100 psi)

  • TIT-120

    OIL  PRESSURE  TESTER  SET    • To diagnose oil systems oil-Pumps • Large clear dual scaled gauge. • Quick coupling adapters, with shut-off valvequick and easy • 75mm Gauge with durable cover. • Includes 90° coupling adaptor for limited access application.

  • TIT-035

    Universal Compression Tester Kit For Petrol Engines Because Of The Wide Range Of Different Adapters, Manometer Scale From 0-20Bar, It Can Be Used For Most Cars, Motorcycles and Other Vehicles Featuring Fuel Injection. Checking Fault in Cylinder Parts Such As Head Gasket, Pistons (rings) and Valves. A Double-Scaled Gauge With Rubber Protection and Compactily Designed […]