Fuel system

  • TIT-135A

    Set For Testing Fuel Supply Systems With The Help of Common Rail Injection Pumps This device is used for rapid and effective measurement of the volume of fuel in the overfflow of every injector. Allows for simultaneous measurement of 6 injectors. \ Set: Denso C3, Denso C1, Delphi, Siemens C3 | Adapted to 6-cylinder engines […]

  • TIT-180

    Leak Back Test Kit Common Rail Purpose: Diference between standard Common Rail injector, where testing overlow pressure, in piezoelectric injectors checking leak back pressure. Bosch System : 1 to 15 bar. VDO/Siemens System : 1 to 15 bar. Delphi: zakres cisnienia System : 1 to 3 bar. SET: Gauge:-1 to 3 bar. Gauge:-1 to 15 […]

  • TIT-050C

    Fuel Injection Test Kit The fuel injection test kit checks fuel pressure on most European and Asian system. Quickly diagnoses fuel related problems like hesitation, stumble, stall and lack of power caused by low fuel pressure. All fittings have quick connect-schrader valves for safety and easy of hookup to the gauge assembly. MARKS:Hyundai, Honda, Mitsubishi, […]

  • TIT-085A

    Deluxe Vacum / Fuel Pump Tester Kit Diagnoses valve leaks, incorrect timing, leaky intake manifold and clogged mufflers. Set: 3 1/2″ diameter gauge, includes 3 brass fittings and 4’tubing. Important:Different between cheaper kits and our is gauge have quality certificate and calibrated scale.

  • A-8101

    Diesel Fuel Pump Timing Set This precision measuring instrument is designed for resetting the timing position on diesel engines with the following fuel pumps Bosh EP/VE Rotory, Kikki, Nippon, Denso, VAV Rotdiesel, top entry . These fuel pumps will Diesel engines: Fiat | Lancia | Alfa Romeo | VW | Audi | BMW | Ford […]

  • A-BT095

    Diesel Injector Nozzle Tester Application: Enables the testing of injector under pressure and check: atomisation pattern, opening pressure, fuel flow shape, injector leakproofness, quality of atomize. Technical data: Gauge diameter: 100 mm | Pressure range: 0 – 400 bar | Tank capacity: 330 cm³. | Swept volume: 35 cm³.

  • A-FB2706

    Device For Setting Up Diesel Injection Pump Regulation of the pass injection angle of injection pumps for Bosh, Lukas, Nippon, Denso, and for Diesel engines in the following cars: Fiat | Lancia | Alfa Romeo | VW | Audi | BMW | Ford | Renault | Rover | Iveco | Mitsubishi | Nissan | Isuze, […]