• AH-EF2133

    PULLER WITH THREE SHORT CLAWS   Puller with self-adjustable claws designed for removal external and internal bearings. Customizable puller with switchable claws. Enable to use as 2-arm and 3-arm puller. Tool cooperate with slide hammer.

  • AH-EF2129

    PULLER WITH THREE THIN CLAWS – COMPACT   •Safety screw with check plate: for cutting of pins in cases where the acceptable pulling strength has been exceeded. •2 x spare pins •Anti-turn ring.

  • AH-EK1213/1214/1215

    PULLER WITH THREE THIN CLAWS – COMPACT   APPLICATION: •For removal of connectors from battery terminals – adjustable spring

  • A-UBJ22

    UNIVERSAL  BALL  JOINT  EXTRACTOR    Puller to Remove Ball Joints Without Damaging The Joint Case. The Puller Covers Up A Range Of: Opening 21mm Length 35mm, Clamp 20-50mm. Equipped With 2 Spindles M14 x 1.5 , Driven With A 19mm Wrench

  • A-9000 / 9005 / 9015

    Bearing Remover Application: For Removal of Bearings With Limited Access.

  • A-U3AP910 / A-U3AP1310 / A-U3AP1315

    UNIWERSAL  THREE  ARM  PULLER    A-U3AP910 Jaw Opens Range: 90mm Reach: 100mm A-U3AP1310 Jaw Opens Range: 130mm Reach: 100mm A-U3AP1315 Jaw Opens Range: 160mm Reach: 150mm

  • A-UP0910 / A-UP1615 / A-UP2015

    TWO  ARM PULLER    Puller Designed For Removal External and Internal Bearings Size: 90mm x 100mm   A-UP0910 C1:90mm C2:60mm A-UP1616 C1:160mm C2:80mm A-UP2016 C1:200mm C2:90mm

  • A-A1935 / A-A2455 / A-A3580

    ARMATURE  BEARING  PULLERS Armature Bearing Pullers made of high-quality hardened steel with lock arms. Suitable for removing small Bearings in alternators and pull arm windshield wipers. A-A1935 19-35mm A-A2455 24-55mm A-A3580 35-80mm

  • A-685B

    WINDSHELD  WIPER  PULLER    The special designed ASTA wiper arm remover for BMW will not damage the wiper arm or holder during removal. Very easy to use just place the puller feet under the wiper arm and tighten the screw gently against the wiper shaft. Technical details: Range: 16 – 41mm, Total height: 68 mm, […]

  • A-705M

    Damage Bearing Separator/Puller Suitable for removal bearings by special ball-end arm. When obstruction is round external dia. and internal dia. of bearing, it can be used on the confined space to damage the protecting cover of bearing and easily remove bearings.