Electric system

  • A-7410

    Auto Circuit Tracer Detector Safety Instructions: 1. Only for testing DC voltage, don’t connect to circuit exceeding 42 volts DC under any circumstance. | 2. Do not use on AC voltage. | 3. Do not apply to any circuit, which directly or indirectly connect to AC lines or any other AC power source. | 4. […]

  • A-BTT3 / A-BTT3UPG

    Battery Tester Fast, accurate diagnosis and recording of battery faults. Battery tests: Working voltage. Graphical and percentage comparison of battery condition. Tips about battery (recharge, change, change necessary). Suitable for: regular liquid, gel batteries, AGM (serviceless), VRLA (partly servicless), SLI (standard). Printer: All tests made by battery tester can check on big and clear ¬†screen […]