Electric system

  • A-RC3ST

    QUICK  CHANGE RATCHET CRIMPER KIT    Pliers adapted for insulated cable lugs, non-insulated open and closed ends cable and vertical and socket contacts. Adjustable ratchet mechanism The gear wheel for setting pressure Quick replacement of crimping inserts Lever to release the lock in case of improper creasing. Material: High Carbon Steel

  • A-7410

    AUTO  CIRCUIT  TRACER  DETECTOR    Safety Instructions: 1. Only for testing DC voltage, don’t connect to circuit exceeding 42 volts DC under any circumstance. 2. Do not use on AC voltage. 3. Do not apply to any circuit, which directly or indirectly connect to AC lines or any other AC power source. 4. Do not […]

  • A-BTT3 / A-BTT3UPG

    BATTERY  TESTER      Fast, accurate diagnosis and recording of battery faults.   Battery tests: • Working voltage. • Graphical and percentage comparison of battery condition. • Tips about battery (recharge, change, change necessary). • Suitable for: regular liquid, gel batteries, AGM (serviceless), VRLA (partly servicless), SLI (standard).   Printer: • All tests made by […]