General Motors-Opel, Saab, Chevrolet

  • A-8BT50

    STEEL BOLT FOR TURBO HOUSING    10mm / 8-pt socket for loosening screws 8 angle turbine housing  Application:  Renault: Master, Trafic  Opel Movano  Nissan Primastar Turbo

  • A-O16CDI

    Engine Timing Tool Kit For Vauxhall / Opel 1.6 CDI   Timing Tool To Lock Down The 1.6L CDTi Engine From Vauxhall / Opel. Can be used on Astra-J, Meriva-B, Mokka, Zafira-C and Tourer 2013 onwards (CDTi, EcoFlex CDTi).   Engine Codes: LVL/B16DTH, LVM/B16DTL, LVL/B16DTN, LVM/B16DTC, LVL/B16DTN, LVM/B16DTC, LWQ/B16DTE, LVL/B16DTJ

  • A-PE22V

    Engine Timing Tool Kit – Vauxhall / Opel / Saab , Chevrolet   Replacement or repair of the timing chain and timing in 2.0I and 2.4I Turbo petrol engines 2008-2015   ENGINE TYPES: 2.0L:LHU/A2ONFT,LTG/A20NHT,LDK/A20NHT:2,4L:LE5,LE9,A24XE,A24XF   MODELS: Vauxhall/Opel:ASTRA,Insignia,Antara:Saab:9-5:Chevrolet:Captiva

  • A-O16T

    Engine Timing Tool For Opel 1.6 16V   The kit allows setting the camshaft in the correct position to change the timing belt.   ENGINE TYPES/ENGINES/MODELS: •Vauxhall/Opel •Astra-G /1, 6 16v |Z16 LER| Z16 LET | Z16 XE1 |Z16 XEP (2003 – 2008) •Astra-H 1, 6 16v / Turbo |Z16 LER| Z16 LET | Z16 […]

  • A-8166

    Locking Tool Set Opel Locking tools for crankshaft, for water pump .   Models: Opel 2,2 16V (twin cam) Astra (00-06), Speedster / Vauxhall (00-06), Vectra B/C (00-08), Signum (08/03), Zafira A / B (00-08).   Engines Types: Z22SE, Z22YH, VX220

  • A-8032

    Engine And Water Pump Timing Tool Set Engines Types: Z22SE, Z22YH(2.2 16V). Models: Opel 2.2 16V (Twin Camshaft) | Astra G (2000-2006) Engine code Z22SE / Z22YH | Speedster / Vauxhall VX220 (2000- 2006) | Vectra B/C (2000-2008) | Signum (2003-2008) | Zafira A/B (2000-2008)

  • A-8018

    Locking Tool Set Opel 1.3 CDTi Engines Type: Z13DT.   Models: Opel: Corsa, Combo.    Engines: 1.3 CDTi. Set: A-2 x locking tool for camshaft; B– locking pon crankshaft; C– locking pin for chain tensioner.

  • A-8013

    Locking Tool Set GM Engines Types: Opel: 16DA, 17D, 17DR, X17DTL | Isuzu: 4EC1, 4EE1, 4JB1, 4XJ1, 4JA1, 4JG1, 4FC1, 4FD1, 4FG1, Z17DT, Y17DT/DTL. Models: Opel : Astra, Vectra(87-00),Nova, Corsa/Combo, Cavalier, Vectra, Frontera, Monterey | ISUZU: Midi (88-04) | Fiat:Brava(88-04). Engines: 1.7TDI

  • A-8012

    Locking Tool Set GM Engines Types: Opel: X10XE, Z10XE, Z10XEP, X12XE, Z12XE, Z14XEP. Models: Opel: Corsa, Agila, Astra, Meriva (97-04). Engines:1.0 12V, 1.0 16V, 1.4 16V (chain).

  • A-FB2703

    Locking Tool Set GM (Chain)   Engines Type: Opel: X20DTL, X20DTH, Y20DTL, Y20DTH, Y22DTH, Y22DTR Saab:D223L.   Models: Opel: Vectra, Astra, Zafira, Omega, Signum, Frontera 2.0/2.2 Dti(98-06) Saab: 9-3 / 9-5 2.2 TID (98-06).