• A-TWI100

    Cleaning Gun – Twister Pneumatic device designed for wet cleaning of all kinds of dirt and stains. It is designed for upholstery,seats, car body, parts made of plastic, carpets and other hard to reach places. It is made of metal, giving it resistance to any kind of mechanical damage.The fluid is applied to the material […]

  • A-189JI

    Gun to dispense dense masses of the preservatives and anti-corrosion bodywork car chassis. Application for 1L and 2L cans of “The Lamb” Made of aluminum Suction tube length:206mm Fluid nozzle: 2mm

  • A-188JI

    Pneumatic tool with a metal tank 1L adapted to spray a wide range of cleaning and anticorrosion liquid. It has an adjustable nozzle,through which we can adjust the pressure mist. Use to wash engines,wheels, auto parts and other parts requiring cleaning detergents.Nozzle length: 230mm | Total length:420mm