• A-ACOM72L

    OIL – FEER MOBILE COMPRESSOR WITH A SILANT PUMP ON THE 72L TANK   Manufactured in Poland in accordance with modern technology, the A-ACOM72L air compressor was created for demanding users.The 72L tank capacity compressor is a combination of quality workmanship and high performance parameters.Optimal tank capacity and high-performance compressor module create a product designed […]

  • S-16ER4043

    TIG ROD ER4043 ALUMINIUM + 5% SILICON             Aluminum wires with 5% silicon content, for argon welding of ALSI and ALMG-Si alloys containing up to 7% silicon. The weld has medium strength but has very good thermal crack resistance

  • A-RSE375

    WELDING ELECTRODE ROD STORAGE        The container protects the rods from moisture. E6013 Welding Electrode Rod Storage

  • A-TC515

    AIR CONDITIONING WITH AKEY VALVES SET        •5x CH – GMHvalve •5x CH -H 10 valve  10 mm high side •5x CH – V066 valve Peugeot/Volvo •5x CH -LO8 valve  8mm low side •10xCH – 9800 valve  R134 •10xCH – 9520C valve •1x plastic valve  key CH-1213P9

  • A-TC514

    SPRING PINS SET 2 – 4.0mm       • 2.4x31mm – 42szt • 2.0x33mm – 30szt • 2.0x40mm – 25szt • 2.8x42mm – 25szt • 3.5x45mm – 20szt • 4.0x75mm – 8szt

  • A-TC513

    SPRING PINS SET 1.6~3.8mm         • 2x30mm – 42pcs • 1.6x35mm – 30pcs • 1.6x40mm – 25pcs • 2.2x42mm – 25pcs • 3.2x48mm – 20pcs • 3.8x72mm – 8pcs

  • A-TC018

    SINGLE  EAR  HOSE CLAMPS SET   SET: • 8x10mm-10szt • 9x11mm-10szt. • 10x12mm-10szt • 11x13mm-15szt • 12x14mm-15szt • 13x15mm-15szt • 14x16mm-20szt • 15x17mm-20szt • 16x18mm-20szt

  • A-CS38D


  • A-WH38R

    14PC STUD HUB RESURFACING CLEANER SET   Designed for cleaning corrosion and dirt on HGV hubs fitted with studs. Should be used with standard chuck pneumatic or power drill. Set comes with 10 griding and 2 replaceable Velcro discs. Replacement