• A-ACOM72L

    OIL – FEER MOBILE COMPRESSOR WITH A SILANT PUMP ON THE 72L TANK   Manufactured in Poland in accordance with modern technology, the A-ACOM72L air compressor was created for demanding users.The 72L tank capacity compressor is a combination of quality workmanship and high performance parameters.Optimal tank capacity and high-performance compressor module create a product designed […]

  • S-16ER4043

    TIG ROD ER4043 ALUMINIUM + 5% SILICON             Aluminum wires with 5% silicon content, for argon welding of ALSI and ALMG-Si alloys containing up to 7% silicon. The weld has medium strength but has very good thermal crack resistance

  • A-RSE375

    WELDING ELECTRODE ROD STORAGE        The container protects the rods from moisture. E6013 Welding Electrode Rod Storage

  • A-TC515

    AIR CONDITIONING WITH AKEY VALVES SET        •5x CH – GMHvalve •5x CH -H 10 valve  10 mm high side •5x CH – V066 valve Peugeot/Volvo •5x CH -LO8 valve  8mm low side •10xCH – 9800 valve  R134 •10xCH – 9520C valve •1x plastic valve  key CH-1213P9

  • A-TC514

    SPRING PINS SET 2 – 4.0mm       • 2.4x31mm – 42szt • 2.0x33mm – 30szt • 2.0x40mm – 25szt • 2.8x42mm – 25szt • 3.5x45mm – 20szt • 4.0x75mm – 8szt

  • A-TC513

    SPRING PINS SET 1.6~3.8mm         • 2x30mm – 42pcs • 1.6x35mm – 30pcs • 1.6x40mm – 25pcs • 2.2x42mm – 25pcs • 3.2x48mm – 20pcs • 3.8x72mm – 8pcs

  • A-TC018

    SINGLE  EAR  HOSE CLAMPS SET   SET: • 8x10mm-10szt • 9x11mm-10szt. • 10x12mm-10szt • 11x13mm-15szt • 12x14mm-15szt • 13x15mm-15szt • 14x16mm-20szt • 15x17mm-20szt • 16x18mm-20szt

  • A-CS38D


  • A-WH38R

    WHEEL HUB RESURFACING KIT – 38mm    Wheel Hub Grinder For cleaning the wheel centering device as well as  the attachment area between the wheel and hub   External diameter: 150mm Internal diameter: 90mm