Oil system

  • A-H10CW

    Sump Plug Socket Removal Tool VAG VW 2 Litre 4 Cylinder 1/4″ Drive Sump Plug Socket With 1/4″ Drive – easy to use it when a 1/4″ hand-ratchet or 12mm wrench. The Specail designed socket is used to remove the sump plug on VAG2.0 4 cylinder TDI GEN III engines-Golf Mk VII, Audi, Seat Leon […]

  • A-M13 | A-M15 | A-M17 | A-M20 | A-M22

    Oil Drain Plug Thread Repair Sets. Used to tap the damaged thread slightly oversize, than fit a new drain plug and washer according to the set. The set is suitable for most popular threads used on cars and light commercial vehicles. Every set is supplied in a storage case. Sets: M13, M15, M17, M20, M22

  • A-WH101A

    PUMP FOR DEAERATION OF DIESEL FUEL SYSTEMS The pump possesses a universal rapid-connector for fuel pumps which may be used to pump and deaerate fuel systems during filter replacement and other work connected with the fuel system. DESCRIPTION OF OPERATION: ‧ Operation of the pump sucks the air out of the fuel system.

  • AH-4092103 / AH-4092103L

    ADJUSTABLE KEY FOR OIL FILTERS MODELS: AH-4092103 – chains lenght: 320 mm – APPLICATION: cars and lightweight trucks AH-4092103L – chains lenght: 520 mm – APPLICATION: truck

  • AH-1945/AH-1946/AH-1947/AH-1948

    ADJUSTABLE KEY FOR OIL FILTERS MODELS: AH-1945 – range: 57-73(mm) AN-1946 – range: 73-85(mm) AH-1947 – range: 85-95(mm) AH-1948 – range: 95-111(mm)

  • A-153W


  • A-62234

    KIT FOR REMOVAL OF FUEL FILTER DIESEL FIAT/OPEL SET: Teflon adapter – socket, 3-arm key. APPLICATION: Opel: Corsa-D, Meriva, kody D13A, Z13DT, Z13DTH, Z13DTJ Z19DT, Z19DTL, Z19DTH | Fiat: Doblo: 1,3 16V MJTD kody 188 A 9.000, 199 A 2.000, 233 A 9; | dea: 1,3 16V MJTD kody 188 A 9.000, 199 A 3.000 […]

  • A-TR45L

    CENTER DRAW TO COLLECT FLUID WITH CAP Built in roller wheels for ease of maneuverability (A). For smooth filling, open the yellow cap to have air convection (B). Yellow cap can be placed on the opposite side to prevent from missing (C). 3.2cm pour spout makes easy emptying 44 liter waste oil (D). | Capacity: […]

  • A-9004TR

    3L TRUCK & TRAILER WHEEL PAN Prevents dirt wheels on the ground and poured oil from the hub by unscrewing the nuts | It is the use of to 13-3/4 truck wheels and larger | The container does not deform when the oil is warm | Made of polypropylene which gives durability and long life […]

  • A-268

    Socket Set For Removal Fuel Filter MATERAL: Cr-V | DEPTH: 30mm | DRIVE: 3/8″