Brake system

  • A-XBTG

    THICKNESS GAUGE FOR BRAKE 0-35MM.   Quickly and efficiently measure brake disc thickness. Measure without removing the wheel

  • A-MB475

    4.75MM MINI  BRAKE PIPE CUTTER  WITH RATCHET HANDLE              • Ratchet cutter with automatic pressure adjustment. • For places with limited traffic space. • Fast and precise cutting. • Ergonomic handle design. • Suitable for to copper and nickel plated wires brake pipe. • For wires size 4.75 mm

  • S-PCA2

    15mm/22mm AUTOMATIC  COPPER  PIPE  CUTTER  WITH 2 SPARE  WHEELS                • Pipe cutter for 15mm and 22mm pipes.  • Application: copper, aluminum and plastic pipes.  • Two spare blades included.  • Material: zinc alloy

  • S-RC7L

    RATCHETING BRAKE PAD SPREADE           • Separator for brake replacement. • Facilitates  the extension of push pistons in calipers. • Application for mostbrake calipers: ATE, BENDIX, DELCO, GIRLING. • Working range: 48 – 75 mm

  • A-ROG250

    MINI  TUBE  CUTER    Capacity: 3-25 mm | 1/8″-1″

  • AH-6512A

    Brake Fluid Tester The tester can be used as digital brake fluid tester suitable for determining brake fluid quality. Developed for professional use in automotive repair shops and in servicing. Quality is tested and indicated on five LEDs in terms of “per cent of water in the brake fluid”. To Check Fluid Quality: 1. Press […]

  • A-BC3P

    ADJUSTABLE  BRAKE  CALIPER  ADAPTER  3 PIN    Special design for the adjustable adaptor for brake caliper repair.

  • A-BC2P

    ADJUSTABLE  BRAKE  CALIPER  ADAPTER  2 PIN    Special design for the adjustable adaptor for brake caliper repair.

  • A-HEX9

    HEX WRENCH 9MM 1/2 “FOR THE BRAKE  VW T5   Socket wrench with chrome vanadium steel type sockets adapted to HEX. It has applied to the screw terminal connections disc brakes with brake systems on both sides of the jaws separators used at VW T5 from 2010.   Size: 9mm, Drive: 1/2″, Overall length: 110mm, […]