Group Fiat-Lancia, Alfa Romeo, lveco

  • S-B8FT


  • A-F23JTD

    Diesel Engine Timing Tool Set For Fiat 2.3 JTD Timing Locking Tool Set For Fiat Ducato 2.3 and 3.0 JTD. This kit includes the new Crankshaft Timing Pin Requaired on engines produced from 2006-2008. The high pressure fuel pump does not require timing.   MODELS: •  2.3 JTD Multijet 120 (02-06)F1AE0481C; F1AE0481D; F1AE0481N • 2.3 […]

  • A-CH13D

    Camshaft Holding Tool For Fiat / Ford / Vauxhall / Opel 1.3D Application in 1.3 JTD Diesel Engine. Tool Used to Lock The Camshaft. Drive 1/2″   ENGINE TYPES: Alfa Romeo • Mito Alfa Romeo Mito 1.3D JTDM; 1.3D JTDM-2 2008 – 2013 • Citroen Nemo 1.3 HDi / FHZ(F13DTE5) Fiat • 500 / 500C […]

  • A-F14MA

    Engine Setting / Locking Kit 1.4 The Multi Air Engine Replaces the inlet Camshaft With Inlet an electro / hydraulic system operating the inlet Valves. Included: Camshaft Setting plate, Crankshaft Locking Tool, Tensioner Adjuster.   ENGINE TYPES: • Alfa Romeo: Giulietta (10-12); MiTo (09-12) • Fiat Bravo (10-15), Punto (12-14), Punto Evo (09-12) • Lancia: […]

  • A-XF12V8

    Locking Tool Set Fiat 1.2 8V Set To Locking The Camshaft And Crankshaft When /chainging The Timing Belt. Ability To Set The Timing In The Correct Position. This Set Includes Crankshaft Locking Tool And Camshaft Setting Bracket.

  • A-09TAC

    ENGINE TIMING TOOL SET FOR FIAT/LANCIA/ALFA ROMEO 0.9 L   Allows to lock and keep the crankshaft and camshaft in place during replacing the timing chain. The set comes with all necessary elements to work on Fiat: Panda, Punto, 500 and 500c; Alfa Romeo: Mito and Lancia Y with the engine code 312A2.000   ENGINE […]

  • A-AR175TB

    ENGINE TIMING TOOL ALFA ROMEO / LANCIA – 1.75TBI   Perfect for 1.75 TBi double overhead camshaft belt driven petrol engines with turbocharger.   Models: Alfa Romeo 159, Brera, Giulietta, Spiderand Lancia Delta 2009 up.   Engine Code: 939B1.000, 940A1.000

  • A-8158

    LOCKING TOOL SET Fiat 1.2 8V, 14 16V Set to locking the camshaft and crankshaft when changing the timing belt. The kit consists of the shaft to lock the camshaft adjuster plate and belt tensioner to the engine, and an additional 1.2 tool to block and handle the gear on the camshaft adjustment for the […]

  • A-8078

    Locking Tool Set Alfa Romeo (Petrol) Models: Alfa Romeo Twin Spark. Engines Types: 321.02, 321.03, 322.01, 335.03, 671.06, 676.01, 372.03, 321.04, 322.05 Set: Purple 1.4/1.6 16V: 145/146/155/156 (96-01) Blue 1.8 16V: 145/146 (96-01), 155/156 (96-06), spiker/GTV (98-01). Blue 2.0 16V: 145/146 (96-01), 147 (01-07), 155/156 (98-01), 166 (98-01), spiker/GTV (96-03).

  • A-8075

      Universal Locking Tool Set Fiat   Models-Petrol:   Fiat: Brava, Bravo, Barchetta, Cargo, Coupe, Marea, Palio, Punto, Multipla, Stilo, Idea, Doblo.   Engines: 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 16V   Models – Diesel:   Fiat : Brava, Bravo, Marea, Palio, Punto, Multipla, Stilo, Doblo, Ulysse, Ducato. Engines: 1.9D/TD, 1.9JTD, 2.4JTD/TD