• V-T250E

    GASOLINE LAWN MOWER Cabinet size:770x460x805/mm Cabinet with wheels size:770x460x965/mm 2 big drawer:530x390x140/mm w/lock 5 small drawer:530x390x60/mm w/lock Cabinet thickness: 0.7mm, wheels size : 5″ Wheel material: PP. 2 fixed wheels, 2 universal wheels Color: Grey/Black

  • A-RG150W

    Replacament Grinding A – WH150G

  • A-WH150G

    WHEEL HUB GRINDER FOR CLEANING   Wheel Hub Grinder For cleaning the wheel centering device as well as the attachment area between the wheel and hub Drive: 1/2” External diameter: 150mm Internal diameter: 90mm

  • S-RAA45

    SIDE SWING ARM      Pneumatic power supply|Working pressure: 8 – 10 bar Noise level: <75 dB                  Set: 1.Pressure roller  2.Pressure washer  3.Pressur cone| 4.Edging disc 5.Holder for auxiliary accessories                          – Ideal for low profile […]

  • S-DWB47

    WHEEL  BALANCER      Wheel diameter range: 0 “- 26” (256mm ~ 610mm) Measurement accuracy: ± 1g 6 balancing modes: DYN, ALU1, ALU2, ALU3, ALUS, ST|Average measurement time: 8s Rotational speed:≈200r / min Voltage: 220v; 230v; 240v; 110v; 50Hz; 60hz Engine power: 0.2 kw Weight: 65 kg Noise level: <65db       The ALU […]

  • S-TCP45

    SEMI AUTOMATIC SIDE SWING ARM      Rim diameter: (external) 11 ~ 23” Rim diameter: (internal) 13 ~ 26 “ Maximum wheel diameter: 45 “ Wheel width: 14 Working pressure: 8-10Bar Gross weight: 248KG Net weight: 221KG Voltage: 110V / 220V / 380V 1PH / 3PH 50 / 60HZ Engine power: 1.1KW / 0.75KW Packaging […]

  • S-DRY1

    INFARE PAINT DRYING LAMP 1000W      Infare paint drying lamp used in varnish emitting short-wave infrared streams emitting heat. The radiation penetrates the material and reaches the metal. It does not heat the air around the lamp and the dried element. When the radiation reaches the metal, it emits heat causing drying and hardening […]

  • S-WT6M25

    WELDING TIPS M6x25mmL for 0,8mm Welding Wire         – Contact tip for MIG / MAG torch|M6 thread  – Length: 25 mm  – Wire diameter: 0.8 mm  – Designed for welding with steel wires

  • S-WN53L

    WELDING NOZZLE, 53mmL     Conical gas nozzle MB15 for welding torches. Length: 53mm Outlet diameter: 12mm

  • S-FT98C

    FLAT TIP FOR S-S98C       Transformer soldering tips for use in SATRA soldering gun. Tips are sold individually. The package contains 50 pcs.