• S-LO25T

    Trolley Jack 2.5T Max. saddle height: 610mm | Min. saddle height: 70mm | Weight: 45kg

  • A-PBR5

    5T Pull Back Ram Puller hydraulic made from an alloy of heigh strength, having a lock against excessive lengthening, and return spring. Maximum towing capcity: 5T Length at rest (extended): 670mm. Length in the contracted condition: 540mm Stroke: 130mm Grab Hook Dimensions: 12mm/25mm Piston Diameter: 33mm Outer Diameter: 57mm

  • S-JS3T

    3T HEAVY DUTY JACK STAND Heavy duty jack stand with ratchet mechanism for precise height adjustment on many levels. The sturdy base allows for proper foot support on the ground. Capacity 3T (3000 kg) Min. Height: 285mm Max.Height: 425mm Weight: 5.5kg

  • ACG01

    Gun cartridge adapted to a capacity of 310 ml • Air inlet: 1/4″ • Weight: 0.55 kg • Dimensions: 250 mm x 175 mm

  • A-299T-6LJI

    Professional gun for extruding all types of so-called sealing compounds. ” Sausage” and cartridge 500ml | Stem squeezer made of metal and is located in rugged housing, so there is no risk of damage | Soft trigger allows to adjust the dosing mass | Indispensable for finishing work and workshops. Specifications: Capacity: 600 ml | […]