About us

ASTA TOOLS is one of the fastest growing companies in the tool business combining high quality, innovative and perfectly adjusted tools for every task. Our engineers and economists in Taipei work hard to invent and introduce the best products not only in quality but also in price as the bridge between quality and price goes hand in hand during these tough times. ASTA TOOLS is working with over 200 sub-contractors located in JAPAN, TAIWAN, POLAND and CHINA to meet the high standards of ASTA TOOLS both on product quality and timely delivery.

With the very close relationship that we have with our employees and the healthy, long term cooperation with our manufacturing partners we can provide consistent product quality assurance which meets European and American standards, and producing or assembling tools for both our leading brands: ASTA and SATRA.

We are very proud of the many friendships we have built over time with our partners, in particular Techman, who ensures the steady supply of ASTA-TOOLS to the EU with a high shelf Warehouse of over 4500 m2.

Our tireless search of new solutions for our partners allows us to introduce over 15 products every month. All new products have to go through rigorous testing before they are qualified to be taken up into the ASTA-Family.

ASTA TOOLS also offers its service and products to already established brands all over the world. The OEM production of our wide tool range knows no bounds. A close relationship with our OEM partners allows us to prepare the tools according to every standard in finishing, packing, as well as in shipping.

Moreover, the distribution policy of ASTA TOOLS strictly regulates ASTA importers worldwide in regards to price consistency, for we take into consideration not only the stability of our own growth, but of each and every one of our distributing partners as well.

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