Brakes system

  • A-40MPP

    BRAKE PISTON PLIER   A specialized tool for disassembling the brake pistons of a motorcycle caliper, quads and scooters. The construction of the pliers ensures cooperation with all sizes of plungers and clamps. The handles of the pliers are covered with plastic to maintain a better grip by the user.   Working range: 17-40mm

  • A-ROG475

    REAMER FOR BRAKE PIPE • Remove burrs from the brake pipe edge. • Suitable for soft steel, copper, brass and aluminum pipes. • Excellent deburring finish performance to enhance flaring tool works well.

  • A-4BLC

    4pcs Brake Line Clamp Set Used to secure old and new brake tubes during bending. Allows exact reproduction of old brake pipes. Parallel clamping and bending will not result in any change in pipe diameter. Suitable for steel brake pipes, copper and plastic coatings

  • A-SF31TB

    S – Cam Brake Spring Lever For Trucks /Trailers And Tractors The specially shaped lever with integrated spring hook enables the user to remove and assemble the brake shoe spring on truck drum brakes quickly and easily.

  • S-XBTG

    BRAKE DISC THICKNESS GAUGE   Performing the measurement of the brake disc without removing the wheel – super fast and efficient test for determining the current brake disc thickness. Important: See the manual of the vehicle manufacturer for the minimum wear out limits of the brake discs.

  • A-MB12W


  • A – 3PWB

    3 PIN  PISTON WIND BACK  ADAPTOR               3-pin adapter adapted for reversing brake pistons on cars with electric parking brake (EPB). Used models: Vag, Renault Megane as well as Scenic and Volvo.         • 3/8 ”drive  • Pin diameter: 3mm  • Adapter diameter: 40mm

  • A-HEX11

    HEX WRENCH 11 MM 1/2 “LONG 110mm   Used for diesel injectors and other automotive applications where the working HEX length of 72mm and a total length of 110mrn is requeste The Hex Socket comes with an 1/2″ drive.

  • TIT-085

    CARBURETOR  SYNCHRONIZE    For testing fuel pump carburetor and transmission check auto with 2~4pcs carburetors.   SET: • 4pcs 3-1/2″ synchronizer gauges with fixed plate • Rubber hose 4pc 8 x 5 x 750(mm)  • Extension tube 4pc 3.9 x 52(mm); 4pc 3.9 x 122(mm)  • Cone type connector 8pc 8 x 40(mm)  • 4pc […]

  • TIT-080B

    Universal Compression Tester Easy-reading 2-1/2″ diameter gauge features colour-coated quardruple calibrations 0-300psi, 21kg/cm, 21bar and 2100kpa. 13″ durable rubber hose with 14mm/18mm adapter. 6″ hearvy-duty stem with universal rubber cone adapter fits all plug holes.