Brakes system

  • A-HEX11

    HEX WRENCH 11 MM 1/2 “LONG 110mm Used for diesel injectors and other automotive applications where the working HEX length of 72mm and a total length of 110mrn is requested. The Hex Socket comes with an 1/2” drive.

  • TIT-085

    Carburetor Synchronize For testing fuel pump carburetor and transmission check auto with 2~4pcs carburetors. SET: 4pcs 3-1/2″ synchronizer gauges with fixed plate | Rubber hose 4pc 8 x 5 x 750(mm) | Extension tube 4pc 3.9 x 52(mm); 4pc 3.9 x 122(mm) | Cone type connector 8pc 8 x 40(mm) | 4pc 10 x 53(mm) […]

  • TIT-080B

    Universal Compression Tester Easy-reading 2-1/2″ diameter gauge features colour-coated quardruple calibrations 0-300psi, 21kg/cm, 21bar and 2100kpa. 13″ durable rubber hose with 14mm/18mm adapter. 6″ hearvy-duty stem with universal rubber cone adapter fits all plug holes.