BMW, Rover, Mini

  • A-LR36

    Timing Tool Kit Land Rover / Range Rover TD V8 3.6L Dieselt Timing Tool To Lock Down The Camshaft and Crankshaft Of The Land Rover and Range Rover 3.6L V8 Diesel Engine. OEM: 303 – 1236 / 1238 / 1239 / 1243

  • A-BMWM5246

    BMW Locking Tool Set Suitable for use on BMW M42, M44, M50 and M52 Twin Cam Engines. Essential for Timing Chain, Sprocket or Camshaft Removal. Includes Setting / Locking Plate, Crankshaft TDC Pin And Secondary Chain Timing Tool.

  • A-BMWS65

    Timing Tool BMW S65 M3 E90 E92 119970 115320 115370 Timing Tool To Fix The S65 Engine At The Top Dead Center Point To Maintain The Engine.

  • A-BMWN1318

    BMW Engine Camshaft Timimg Tool Kit Set N13 N18 Cooper F20 F30 1.6L Timing Tool To Lock The Camshaft in TDC Position for BMW 4-cylinder 1.6L Petrol turbo engines.

  • A-BMWN47CP

    ENGINE TIMING LOCKING SET BMW N47 BMW Crankshaft pulley holder N47/N57 (2007-2016) Perfect to remove and install the vibration damper on N47/N57 BMW engines. The tool helps to fix the crankshaft pulley while loosening or tightening the middle pulley screw.

  • A-BMW2030UPG

    TIMING TOOL UPGRADE A-BMW2030UPG BALANCE SHAFT The upgrade was designed to remove or time the balance shafts on chain driven diesel N47 engines. BMW 1, 3 and 5 series including X1, X3 and X5 (2007-2015) OEM Codes: 118750, 118790 – (791,792 and 793)

  • A-BPA

    HIGH PRESSURE PUMP SPROCKET REMOVAL TOOL BMW Diesel N47/N47s/N57 and N57S 120d 325d 530d high pressure pump sprocket removal tool

  • A-MINC16

    LOCKING TOOL SET MINI COOPER Timing kit suitable for setting the camshaft in the timed position on BMW Mini 1.6 petrol engines. Kit also includes engine support bracket and tensioned assembly tool. APPLICATION: ‧ BMW Mini: ONE (01-06) | ‧ COOPER (01-06), COOPER S (02-06). ENGINES: W10B16AA, W10B16BA


    CAMSHAFT TOOLING VANOS BMW M60/62 ‧Camshaft locking fixture BMW V8 (M60/M62) ‧Exhaust Camshaft Locking Tool x 2 ‧Inlet Camshaft Locking Tool x 2 ‧Camchain Pre-Tensioner Tool ‧Flywheel Locking Tools (E54 – X5) and Range Rover ‧Flywheel Locking Tools BMW M60 | M62 ‧Vanos Solenoid Socket ‧Camshaft Sensor Locking Tool (RH) ‧Camshaft Sensor Locking Tool (LH). […]

  • A-S54VA

    Engine Timing tool For BMW S54 For checking and setting camshaft timing while installing VANOS adjustment unit on S54 engines. Applications: M3 cabriolet (00~06), sports coupe (99~06), CSL sport coupe (03~04) Application: M3 Cabriolet (00~06), Sports Coupe (99~06), CSL Sport Coupe (03~04)