Cooling system

  • A-1025B-1

    Combustion Lead Tester Fluid When test fluid turns yellow there is a leak between combustion chamber and cooling system.

  • AH-1040

    Electrolyte Density Tester / Antifreeze Tester Application 1040: Antifreeze tester ASTA allows to check ethylene glycol strength and includes temperature adjustment scale for accurate interpretation of mixture strength. Composite body and rubber bulb for extra durability. Warning!: Use only with fluids based on ethylene glycol!

  • TIT-185

    Truck Cooling System Control Kit The cooling system pressure tester for trucks. Set: gauge 2.5 bar, pump coneection cable with adapters, seven adapters for almost all car models truck cars eg: DAF, SCANIA, IVECO, MERCEDES-BENZ, RENAULT, VOLVO. Application adapters: DAF-XF 95, XF 105 | SCANIA-113, -114, -124, -125 | VOLVO – FH 12 | INECO […]

  • A-DPS21

    21pcs Profi Dent Repair Kit Carefully assembled dent repair kit for SMART REPAIR from dents “hail damage” without damaging the paint. The set comes in a plastic case and includes: 9x different pads, hot glue gun with glue sticks, Dent-Puller, Dent-Lifting _Plier and scraper.

  • AH-1007

    Diagnostic Stethoscope Application: For locating improper vibrations or fluid leaks (valves,rings,gaskets,etc.). Additional Information: conical tip

  • A-RT919I

    Pneumatic Equipment For Replacement of cooling Fluid Set: 2 rubber tips | Siphoning tip with filter located at the end to prevent contamination of the cooling system | Manometer protected by a rubber covering

  • A-497-12

    Universal Tool For Expanding Air Bag Set For the safe removal and installation of air-bag units in many popular cars. SET: 5 Screwdrivers inserts,1/4″ drive, 80 mm long | T30, e.g. Audi, Opel, Renault, VW | T30 with bore hole forehead, e.g. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Opel | T25, e.g.BMW | T25 with bore hole forehead, […]

  • A-1025B

    Radiator Pressure Tester & Vacuum – Type Cooling System Kit The instrument allows for easy diagnosis and quick detection of head gasket failure.In the case of a damaged head gasket or the head of the combustion gases, including a CO2 goes into the cooling system, The principle of operation is based on the measurement of […]

  • A-1019

    Radiator Pressure Tester & Vacuum-type Cooling System Kit – 25 pcs 25 piece set is an ideal for testing leakage in the radiator as well as making a quick change of coolant. Marked with different colors to choose the right cup test plug to work. With the equipment is intended for domestic and foreign vehicles. […]

  • A-4110728

    Laser Pyrometer Characteristics: Screen: LCD 3.5 numbers (maximum indication 1999) | Low battery indicator | Sampling: 4 times / second | Work environment: 0°C…50°C, relative humidity <70% | Storage conditions: -20°C…60°C, relative humidity 0+80% (without battery) | Automatic power down: after 10 seconds of inactivity | Power consumption in standby: 5 | Power source: 9V […]