Additional engine tools

  • S-AC134A

    R22 COMMON COOL GAS METER Professional air-tightness testing and filling set SATRA for self-checking air conditioning systems. The set has quick-release couplings for refrigerant protection and safety, with a built in sight glass to monitor the condition and flow of the refrigerant. Compatible with most R-134 air conditioning systems in motor vehicles and refrigerant supply […]

  • A-SL38142

    SPARK  PLUG  SOCKET    Thin walled Spark Plug Socket, 3/8″ Sq Drive, 12pt (Bi hex) 14mm, 65mm Long, Rubber Inlet to hold the spark plug. Designed for Bosch Spark Plugs fitted to: BMW Mini, N54, Mercedes M156, Citroen, Peugeot 207 / 307

  • A-D12B

    BOSCH  DIESEL  VW AUDI ENGINE  ROTARY  FUEL  INJECTION  PUMP  SCREW  REMOVAL SOCKETS    2x ASTA Rotary diesel fuel injection pump anti-tamper screw sockets – 12.6mm and 7mm. 7mm is for EDC pump cover socket from 1996-2003, OEM 0986612605. 12.6mm is for Bosch VE Diesel Pump Socket, OEM 098661750 Used on VAG-Group systems

  • A-S8P36

    DRIVESHAFT  SOCKET  1/2″   Material: Cr-Mo Steel. Sockets 12-pt: 36 mm

  • A-695A (B)

    INJECTOR  REMOVER  PULLER  SET  VAG   Perfect to remove injectors from FSI and TFSI VAG-engines, Brands like: VW, Skoda, Seat and Audi

  • A-LF101A / C

    Piston Rings Pliers To enable fast installation or removal of piston rings. A self-adjusting spring tensioned mechanism manufactured from nickel-plated steel with PVC handles for extra grip. Models:A- 101A: Capacity 40 – 90 mm | A-101B: Capacity 50 – 110 mm | A-101C: Capacity 70-140 mm.

  • A-PT14 / 16 / 18

    SPARK  PLUG  SOCKET   Hight-quality tool for de / installation spark. Magnet Insert – spark plug can be easily pull out. A-PT14 Size:3/8″ x 14mm x 250L A-PT16 Size:3/8″ x 16mm x 250L A-PT18 Size:3/8″ x 18mm x 250L

  • A-MSS

    MULTI -POINT  SOCKET  33 TEETH 1 /2″ FOR  MERCEDES  BENZ  INJECTION  PUMPS    Specialist socket 33 point for removing and installing valve handle pressure injection pump in cars of Mercedes-Benz. – length: 56mm | Inner diameter: 18mm   Application: 601, 602, 603, 605. 606, 615, 616 and 617

  • A-7GPP

    GLOW  PLUG  PULLER  SET    Glow Plug Puller Kit Complete with attachments to get the center of the electrode and be able to withdraw the glow plug.The set also includes an internal puller to catch the lower body of the glow plug when it broke just under the hex connection.   Includes: External grip (7.7mm […]

  • A-M9GP

    GLOW  PLUG REMOVAL TOOLS  SET  M9 x 1.0 9PCS Suitable for removal of defective and broken glow plugs. For car rands like: Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW, Mercedes, Opel, Peugeot, Renault and ther manufacturers.