Universal Timing Tools

  • A-EPB385

    Spanner Wrench Tool Extension Power Bar Wrench Len      The 385mm length extension ensures proper connection and exerts increased bonding force, which is transmitted to the screw, nut, etc.     Application: HEX and TORX key types „L” and  wrenches.

  • A-AVL4

    AIR VALVE LAPPER SET        The device makes a reciprocating motion revolutions: 3000 rpm| air consumption: 100 l / min. air inlet: 1/4”dimensions: 153.5 x 52 mm air pressure: 90 psi / 6.2 Bar weight: 1.5 kg        Set contains : Suction cups for grinding valves with four different diame- ters: […]

  • A-TPP9

    PULLER  FOR  TIMING  PULLEY   Designed to Remove the Timing Pulley With Grooves on the Front Side With Openings 3, 6, 9. The use of the Puller Prevents Damage to the Pulley. By The Adjustable Extraction Legs, The Tool Can Be Adapted To Different Pulley Diameters

  • A-BISH

    2.40KG  SLIDE -HAMMER  PULLER  INJECTOR  EXTRACTOR   Slide Hammer With T-Bar M16 x 1.5mm Thread Size (also Check Adapter A-PM18N), Slide Weight 2.20kg and a total lengh of 430mm. Perfect Item To Remove Injectors In Comination With The ASTA Item A-PM18IN. Charome Finish

  • A-PM18IN

    UNIVERSAL  DIESEL INJECTOR ADAPTER  PULLER  SET Set comes with: Adapter: M18x1.5 – M20x1.5 Adapter: M14x1.5 for Delphi.   Adapter: M17x1 for Bosch. Adapter: M20x1 for Denso Adapter: M25x1 for Siemens. Adapter: M27x1 for Siemens. 1/2″ Dr. H10 Socket. 12mm Puller for Mercedes Benz CDI (A-Class, Sprinter and VITO). 13mm Puller Mercedes CDI engines OM 611, […]

  • A-P8CR

    COMMON RAIL  DIESEL  INJECTION  REPAIR SET    Special ASTA tool set to open up and remove the injector’s internal fixings at Bosch, Denso and Siemens injectors. The set includes: Injector ball valve lapping tools and guide 3 x injector ball valve lapping tools. 10mm Hex x 7.6mm Denso CR injector valve seat removal tool. 8 […]

  • A-713N

    ENGINE  TIMING  TOOL  SET  Lock the timing belt replacement. The device is designed for diesel engines and petrol. Lock has steel pins made of hardened steel Special designed long arms ensure a very wide application range.    

  • A-664SET

    AUXILIARY  STRETCH BELT REMOVAL TOOL   Designed to remove and install stretch drive belts at auxiliary belt driven systems like the power alternator or the steering system. The installation and removal set A-664P prevents damage to the pulley. The Set can be used at a very wide range of cars   APPLICATION: BMW: 118, 120, […]

  • A-HC60

    HOSE  CLAMP  PLIER  8-60mm APPLICATION: Used for steel straps and self-tightening hose clamps with a diameter of 8-60mm. Especially helpful in small, cramped and hard to reach places.