Oil system

  • A-06090 / 085115 / 0100140

    KEYS TO THE OIL PLUGS   A-06090: Range: 60 – 90 mm B-085115: Range: 85 – 115 mm C-0100140: Range: 100 – 140 mm

  • A-VWHT

    FILLING HOSE DSG AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION VW / AUDI   Includes adapter for 1 liter transmission oil container, connection M24 x 1.5mm with 1500 mm long transparent connecting hose.


    OIL DRAIN HOSE ADAPTER   The special Adapter opens up a valve at the oil filter housing allowing a contyrolled and clean drain of the oil. Adapter suitable for VAG 1.8 and 2.0L petrol engines:AWX, BLX, BLR, BLY, BVX, BVY, BVZ. The set also contains a 36mm oil filter wrench.

  • A-VWTO

    DIPSTICK  AUDI  / VW The special dipstick is designed to measure the oil levels on different Audi and VW engines fittde with electronic oil level systems. The tool checks the oil levels on 2,0 – 2,7 – 3,0 -TDI 1,8 – 2,0 – 3,0 – 3,2 TFSI engines.

  • A-9004B

    OIL SUMP  Construction minimizes to spill liquid during transfer. Polyetylen. used for oil, acid, alcohol and petrol Size: 450 x 150 mm Capacity: 16 L.

  • A-268UPG

    SOCKET  SET  FOR  RREMOVAL FUEL  FILTER    The complete set covering a side range of filters with the possibility of removal. They are used BMW, Opel, MB, Audi or VW, etc. Upgrade Set to A-268 made from CrV, including following sizes: 24/27/32/36/38/42 mm. Fits for Car Brands like: BMW, Mercedes (A), Opel und VW-Group (equipped […]

  • A-GE2405N21

    21PCS 3/8″DR.MASTER DRAIN PLUG KEY SET(36mmL) BMW, LANCIA, RENAULT, CITROEN, MAZDA, SAAB, FIAT, MERCEDES, TOYOTA, FORD, NISSAN, VAUXHALL/OPEL, HONDA, PEUGEOT, VOLKSWAGEN   Suitable for sump plugs on engine,gearbox and back axle Contents: Hex key socket: 8、9、10、12、13、14、17mm Square socket:5/16″、3/8″, 7、8、10、11、12、13、14mm Torx socket:T45 Triangular socket:10mm Spline (TAMPER) socket:M16 Square drive socket:10mm 3/8″Dr. sliding T-handle

  • A-4TOD

    TRANSSMISION AND OIL DIPSTICK MERCEDES-BENZ   Set dipstick to check the oil level in the engine and automatic gearboxes. They are needed after changing the oil when the car not equipment of this type of meter. Application: 920mm for oil gearbox: 722.7_P / 722.8_P / 16.5_V 1220mm for oil gearbox 722.6_L / G / P […]