General Motors-Opel, Saab, Chevrolet

  • A-154OT

    Petrol Engine Coolant Pump Sprocket Retainer – Opel Chain Tool designed for installation and removal of the water pump.Application: Vauxhall/Opel;Astra-G(00-06),Signum (02-08),Speedster (00-06),Vectra-B(00-02),Vectra-C(02-08),VX220(00-06),Zafira-A/B(00-08).Engine codes:Z22SE,Z22YH

  • A-VOTT

    Engine Timing Tool Set For Vauxhall / Opel 1.0/1.2/1.4 Specialist set that lock when replacing the timing belt or chain driving in car engines: Adam, the Ampera, Astra-J,the Aveo, Corsa D, Meriva-B, Mocha, Zafira Tourer-C engines with capacities 1.0/1.2/1.4

  • A-8012UPG

    Locking Tool Set GM Essential tools necessary when servicing and timing these chain driven engines, which include a twin-cam setting tool, crankshaft tdc setting pin, camshaft sensor position gauge, and two timing chain tensioner retaining pins. APPLICATION OPEL: Corsa, Agila, Astra, Meriva (97-04). ENGINES: 1.0 12V, 1.0 16V, 1.2 16V, 1.4 16V (lancuch). ENGINES TYPES: […]

  • A-SO20

    Timing Set GM 2.0L Specially designed for the opel | Chevrolet 2.0 common rail diesel engine. The special parts hold the camshafts and cranshaft in the correct position during the repair of the timing belt on SOHC 16v engines.

  • A-1618O

    Petrol Engine Setting / Locking Tool Kit Vauxhall / Opel 1.6, 1.8 Tool For Setting And Locking Camshaft 1.6/1.8 16V Twinport Petrol Engines Vauxhall / Opel. The Set Includes two Gear Elements To Block The Twinport. Application: Vauxhall / Opel; Astra-G (03-04), Astra-H (04-08), Corsa-D (07-08), Meriva (06-08), Signum (06-08), Vectra (06-08), Zafira (03-08). Engine TypeS: 1.6-Z16LEL, […]