Specjalized Tools For Motorcycles

  • A-MK440C


  • A-MK440B

    PRE-LOAD ADJUSTMENT WRENCH   Scissor style.Idea tools to adjust of spring compression on reak shocks easily.

  • A-MK440A

    SHOCK ADJUSTABLE PRE-LOAD SPANNER WRENCH   It can close all the way or can open up to 4” when using. Idea tools to adjust for fork tubes or shocks.

  • A-MK440

    SHOCK PRELOAD ADJUSTING TOOL   It helps you to adjust preload without damaging the shock spring collars. It fits 35mm to 75mm spring collars.

  • A-MK431

    TIMING PLUG WRENCH   It fits the straight-slot timing plugs on most motorcycles and ATVs.Blade size is 22mm (7/8”)

  • A-MK411B

    CARTRIDGE ROD HOLDING PLATE 13.00 – 14.00M      Material : Stainless. Fits 13 to 14mm rods

  • A-MK411A

    CARTRIDGE ROD HOLDING  PLATE10 – 12.50MM   Material : Stainless . Fits 10 to 12.5mm rods.

  • A-MK411

    CARTRIDGE ROD HOLDING PLATE   Perfect for disassembly and assembly of KYB/Showa Twin Chamber and most street cartridge forks. Designed to hold back the spring allowing you to loosen or tighten the bottom nut or the fork cap on the cartridge rod. Fits 10 to 12.5mm rods.

  • A-MK409

    SHOCK PRELOAD ADJUSTING TOOL   It is ideal tool for adjusting preload without damaging the rear shock spring collars. The bent tip adjusts spring collars in difficult to reach places.

  • A-MK407

    FORK BLEEDING TOOL SET It can easily thread onto the damping rod to facilitate cartridge fork bleeding and prevent the typical mess when changing fork oil. Set provides adapters for 10mm x 1.0mm, 12mm x 1.0mm, 12mm x 1.25mm and 14mm x 1.0mm damping rods.