Specjalized Tools For Motorcycles

  • A-MK406

    SHOCK DWAL HEAD INSTALLATION TOOL SET   These tools protect the shock shaft seal when installing the seal head onto the shaft. They make seal head easy and quick removal and installation of seal assemblies. Set provides five sizes : 12.5 x 10mm, 14 x 12mm, 6 x 12mm, 18 x 16mm and 18 x […]

  • A-MC4051

    SHOCK COMPRESSION ADJUSTER REMOVAL TOOL It allows easy removal of the rear shock compression adjuster.

  • A-MK403

    KYB TWIN-CHAMBER  COMPRESSION TOOL   This tool works on the Twin-Chamber KYB forks and is designed to remove the compression body from the cartridge.

  • A-MK401

    SPOKE TORQUE WRENCH SET The Spoke Torque Wrench Set allows you to care for your wheels, true and maintain the desired tension of your spokes. It provides four wrenches, the following sizes are included in the set : No. 1 : 5.6mm, 5.7mm, 6.0mm, 6.3mm, 6.6mm, 6.8mm No. 2 : 5.0mm, 5.4mm, 5.8mm, 6.2mm, 6.4mm, […]

  • A-MK400A

    CARBURETOR ADJUSTMENT TOOL Fits both Keihin and Mikuni carburetors. 11” long tool with a 8mm hex nut and screwdriver slot adjusting bolt. The” combo” design that allows unlocking of the locknut, adjustment of the balancing screw and re-locking the lock nut in one step.

  • A-MK398

    MASTER LINK PLIERS FOR  MOTORCYCLES   Fits on 25, 415, 420, 425, 428 chains. Insert the jaws into the master link; tighten the forcing screw for squeeze of handles until link is separated. Note: Squeeze side plates of link between fingers throughout the removal process to prevent damage to “power link” master links on chains.

  • A-MK397

    MOTORCYCLE BRAKE BLEEDER   Aids in the bleeding and servicing of hydraulic brakes. It allows user easy to make bleeding brakes by oneself. The unique check valve design makes fluid and air to escape while preventing air from re-entering the system.

  • A-MK396

    SHOWA BPF FORK CAP REMOVAL TOOL For removing aluminum fork cap on Showa BPF 43mm forks. It fits 45mm fork cap hex.

  • A-MK394B

    CLEANING TOOL FOR CARBURETOR NOZZLE 16PCS   Easy to Cleaning and suitable for all kind of Carburetor Nozzle. 1.5~3.0mm

  • A-MK394A

    CLEANING TOOL FOR CARBURETOR NOZZLE 20PCS   Easy to Cleaning and suitable for all kind of Carburetor Nozzle. 0.45~1.5mm