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  • S-CLEAN4

    4PCS/SET UNIVERSAL DRILL BRUSH ATTACHMENT SET CAR CLEANING KIT   •1pc x 2inch Drill Cleaning Brush •1pc x 3.5inch Cone Drill Cleaning brush •1pc x 4inch Drill Cleaning Brush, Material: PP wire+ plastic disc+ steel shaft •1pc x 150mm extension, Material: Steel + chrome-plated

  • S-CLEAN21

    21PCS KITCHEN CLEANING BATHROOM FLOOR CARPET  ELECTRIC POWER SCRUBBER DRILL CLEANING BRUSH SETS Kit With Extend Long Attachment. 21pcs Set: •1pc x 50 mm Drill Cleaning Brush •1pc x 88 mm Cone Drill Cleaning brush •1pc x 100 mm Drill Cleaning Brush •1pc x 120 mm Drill Cleaning Brush, Material: PP wire+plastic disc+steel shaft •12pcs x […]

  • S-9PS80

    COMPLETE PROFESSIONAL COTTON/FOAM – POLISHING AND FINISHING SET Perfect Car Polishing Accessories Kit- 7pcs. 80mm sponge polishing pads, •1pcs. wool polishing pad, •1pcs. M10 thread drill adapter, •1pcs backing support pad. High-quality polyester sponge, which has a compact and wear-resistant structure, no scratches,  super elasticity and water absorption capacity, and the textured groove on the […]

  • S-C15CAR

    15PCS INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR CLEANING KIT FOR CAR LOVERS   Car care cleaning set includes: • 1 x long rim brush / wheel brush • 5 x car detail brushes • 1 x car washing glove • 1 x vent brush • 2 x microfiber / drying cloths • 2 x polishing pads • 3x […]

  • S-3PS6

    3-pcs 6 ”(150mm) M14 Polishing Sponge Set Ideal for polishing work – pre-polishing and high-gloss polishing, backing pad firmly connected and can be operated via the M14 holder via pneumatic / electric polishing machines with speed adjustment – MAX: 4600rpm. The polishing sponge is washable!