30W Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Plastic Welding and Hot Stapler Kit

The ASTA A-30WPH has an innovative design, interchangeable tips, an ergonomic grip handle, inbuild LED work light, safety switch and cap, overcharge protection, over discharging, short circuit, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) and EMC, EN62133, CE approved and UL listed. Working time about 40min (2500mAh Battery), heat time 8sec and charging time 3.5 hrs Plastic welding tip: Max. temp 500°C, Plastic welding with stainless pipe guide: Max. temp 420°C, Hot Staples Tip: complete to bridge the cracked area together in few seconds. Application: Specially designed for precision and general joints, integrated circuit work, wire connection, heavy duty soldering applications, cutting plastic and synthetic rope, cutting and sculpturing Styrofoam, woodworking and wood crafting, heat shrinking and lighter purpose (no open flame). Set includes: 12pcs of plastic welding rods, 150mm in length each rod, including ABS/PP/PE/PS material; 3pcs of reinforcing stainless steel wire mesh, 50mmx100mm; 50pcs of flat staples, alloy wire 0.8mm in diameter + 50pcs of flat staples, alloy wire 0.6mm in diameter, both not breakable. USB charging cord set + safety stand

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